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“The quality and range of instruction were at a level that far surpassed my expectations.”
Willem, The Netherlands

“Fabulous course with incredible amounts of information that will be used as a reference guide for years to come”
An olive oil producer from Turkey

“I loved every minute of it. I am very proud to be part of this group.”
Wilma van Grinsven – Padberg, Oil & Vinegar chain owner

“I highly recommend it. Every day was absolutely worth it.”
Elise LaGamba, grocery executive

“Whether you’re a chef, an importer like me, no matter what area you’re in, you should do this course.”
Thomas Sheridan, importer

“I enjoyed from the first thing in the morning to the last minute when I go home. The course was extremely well done.”
Karim Fitouri, Olivko

“The course was eye-opening and led by inspiring experts.”
Ann Bartyzel

“An awesome course. Very excited to stay in touch with all of my new colleagues and educate more and more.”
A corporate chef from California

“Best class ever for learning about what I love.”
Olive oil producer from California

“This was awesome! Thank you so much for offering this program in California.”
Theo Epstein – chef, speaker and olive oil producer

“Thanks for a wonderful week! I’ve found my tribe!”
Certified Sommelier, Germany

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Join the growing community of impassioned experts who are using their knowledge to make big things happen.


Learn how to choose high-quality olive oils and communicate their benefits to customers.

Chefs & Restaurateurs

Get the most value from your key ingredient and win customers.

Importers & Distributors

Source better products and get what you pay for every time.

Foodservice Professionals

Know how to source authentic products and manage quality through the supply chain.


Learn harvesting, milling and production best practices to make award-winning oils.

Everyone Else

If you care about the food you eat, this course will change your life.

Join the growing community of olive oil experts.

It’s like no other olive oil course in the world – an interactive, fast-paced curriculum designed to inspire and empower a generation of olive oil educators.

"There's this moment when a light bulb goes on in your head when the brain and the sensory organs connect and suddenly you know what you’re talking about."

– Ellie Tzortzi, Olive Oil Sommelier

Be an olive oil expert.